Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, dramatically enhancing efficiency in almost every activity we undertake. From simplifying travel with GPS navigation to improving communications through digital messaging platforms, technology consistently enhances our quality of life. Among these advancements, personal hygiene has seen remarkable improvements with the emergence of intelligent toilets, often referred to as “smart toilets” or “high-tech toilets.”
Intelligent toilets, a mainstay in nations like Japan and Italy, are now gaining solid traction in the U.S., redefining modern bathroom design with their superior hygiene and high-tech features. While the concept of smart toilets often conjures images of bidets for many Americans, they offer far more than the traditional bidet functions encountered in travels across Europe or Asia.
Unlike standard bidets that focus primarily on post-toilet cleansing with water jets, intelligent toilets enhance the entire bathroom experience with features like automated flushing, self-cleaning systems, odor control, ambient nightlights, seat warmers, and personalized bidet functionalities, making them a superior choice in terms of comfort and convenience.
Apex Smart Toilet by Bravat, available exclusively through The Chiarabella Gallery, exudes unparalleled comfort, cutting-edge technology and impeccable hygiene.

The North American market for smart toilets is projected to grow significantly and is expected to reach U.S. $3,457.64 million by 2028 with a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 11.6% from 2022, according to Business Market Insights. This surge is driven by rising disposable incomes, urbanization and a heightened awareness of hygiene prompted by global health developments. A push towards water sustainability through government regulations on water usage is also prompting innovation in bathroom technology, further fueling the demand for intelligent toilets among design professionals and consumers alike.

How Intelligent Toilets Elevate Bathroom Design Projects

In recent years, bathrooms have transcended their traditional roles, evolving from purely functional spaces into lavish sanctuaries for relaxation, where luxury design meets wellness care solutions. This transformation has prompted many interior designers, architects and certified kitchen and bath design professionals to turn to The Chiarabella Gallery for products and expertise that blend timeless design with modern functionality. Intelligent toilets stand out as a prime solution for this challenge. Seamlessly integrated into any bathroom design, from minimalist to modern, smart toilets enhance usability without sacrificing style– an ideal choice for design professionals aiming to offer practical yet opulent solutions for their residential and hotelier clients.

As the trend towards smart home technology continues to surge, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to integrate these advancements into every corner of their residences. Intelligent toilets present significant appeal to homeowners looking to upgrade their daily routines with luxury bathroom design ideas. Equipped with features such as automated flushing, self-cleaning capabilities, touchless technology, and customizable user settings like heated seats and adjustable water temperatures, smart toilets bring high-tech innovation right into the bathroom with functionalities that not only elevate the user experience but also cater to a growing desire for cleanliness and ease of use.
Environmental considerations are also a major factor driving the adoption of intelligent toilets. With features like low-flow flush systems and water efficiency technologies, these toilets help reduce overall water consumption. This is particularly appealing to eco-conscious homeowners or hotel brand managers who are committed to reducing their environmental footprints while still creating spa-like bathrooms.
luxury bathroom design ideas
Aeon, one of Chiarabella’s Bravat Intelligent Toilet Models, offers integrated personal rear and front cleansing, water and air temperature control, intuitive remote control, and more.
Moreover, integrating intelligent toilets into home design aligns with broader trends in home automation. Homeowners who invest in intelligent toilets often see this as a step toward creating a fully integrated smart home. This can enhance not only the functionality and comfort of their living space but also increase the property’s value. In competitive real estate markets, a bathroom equipped with smart technology can make a home stand out, attracting potential buyers and potentially boosting its resale value, making these advanced fixtures a “smart” investment in more ways than one.

For builders, bathroom renovation specialists and other design professionals, specifying high-tech toilets meets client expectations for modernity and sustainability; doing so also is highly appealing to eco-conscious buyers and those interested in home resale potential in competitive markets. It is crucial, however, to select the right products that offer these comprehensive features, ensuring that every installation aligns with clients’ functional needs and aesthetic desires.

Chiarabella Gallery’s U.S. Launch of Intelligent Toilets by Bravat

For modern bathroom design ideas, the integration of advanced technology with a polished look is not just a trend but a growing necessity for today’s discerning consumers. The Chiarabella Gallery is pioneering this trend in the U.S. with the launch of three intelligent toilet models by Bravat: Apex, Aeon and Avant.

modern bathroom design ideas
Bravat’s Avant Smart Toilet from The Chiarabella Gallery redefines comfort, personal cleansing and convenience in the bathroom.
Chiarabella’s introduction of Bravat smart toilets to the U.S. market represents a significant step forward for the bathroom design industry as consumer demand continues to skyrocket toward making intelligent fixtures a staple in American households and forward-thinking commercial spaces. Given this rising popularity and the clear shift in market preferences, now is an opportune time to incorporate these innovative products into your upcoming design and installation projects.

Shared Features Across the Models

The Apex, Aeon, and Avant models by Bravat represent the zenith of intelligent toilet technology that effectively caters to a superior user experience. Across all three models, users benefit from advanced cleansing technology that includes rear, front and auto wash capabilities with adjustable water pressure and temperature settings for a personalized and thorough cleansing experience. Bravat’s smart toilet models also prioritize hygiene and odor management with anti-bacterial seats, self-cleaning nozzles and auto deodorization features that meet the increasing consumer demand for enhanced sanitary conditions.

Comfort and convenience are also paramount across Bravat’s smart toilet series, as evidenced by amenities such as heated seats with adjustable temperatures, soft-close features, and seat sensors that activate automatically. Moreover, all three models embrace environmental responsibility with a dual-flush system that conserves water, supporting sustainable practices in modern bathroom design.

Distinctive Features of Each Model

While sharing these advanced features, each model is uniquely designed to cater to specific user needs and spatial considerations. The Apex Smart Toilet stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. It forgoes the pre-wetting function found in the other models, appealing to those who prefer less complexity in their bathroom fixtures. This model is ideal for designers seeking reliable, high-performance technology in a streamlined package.
Conversely, the Aeon Smart Toilet builds upon the foundation set by the Apex by incorporating a pre-wetting function that moistens the bowl before use, enhancing the effectiveness of each flush and improving overall cleanliness. This feature, combined with the eco-friendly attributes of the Apex, boosts its cleansing capabilities, making the Aeon especially suited for environments where additional hygiene measures are crucial, such as family homes or healthcare facilities.
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Finally, the Avant Smart Toilet is tailored for smaller spaces without sacrificing the advanced features that define this series. Its compact design does not compromise on innovation, as it includes the pre-wetting function, ensuring it remains at the forefront of intelligent toilet technology. This model is ideally suited for urban apartments or smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium but functionality and aesthetic design are indispensable.
While the Apex, Aeon, and Avant models share several exceptional features that elevate the bathroom experience, their distinct characteristics cater to a diverse range of preferences and requirements, making them versatile choices for various design projects.
For design and design-build professionals, the choice between Apex, Aeon, and Avant will largely depend on the specific requirements of their projects—be it the size of the space, the demographic needs of the end-users, or the desired level of technological sophistication. Each model, however, maintains a high standard of hygiene, comfort, and technological advancement, allowing designers to specify with confidence according to project needs.

Designing Bathrooms for the Modern Age

As intelligent toilets continue to evolve, they are set to become a standard feature in modern homes, blending high-end design with functionality. Chiarabella Gallery’s latest offerings in intelligent bathroom fixtures provide design professionals and homeowners with sophisticated solutions that elevate everyday bathroom experiences. By choosing Chiarabella’s collection of smart toilets by Bravat, design professionals and homeowners can integrate cutting-edge technology with stylish aesthetics for unmatched enhancements in sustainability, hygiene and comfort.
Chiarabella stands as one of the preeminent wellness interior design resources and showroom destinations in the Southeast and nation, ensuring any project undertaken with our products results in exceptional design supported by unwavering service. Our commitment to providing advanced, high-quality solutions makes Chiarabella a crucial ally in elevating bathroom designs for the modern age.

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