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Timeless Design, Personalized Precision

Elevate your space with Vertigo, featuring varnished glass attached to aluminum frames, offering a sleek and resilient surface. Whether opting for an integrated handle on the frame or the recessed version, Vertigo provides versatile customization options. Painted glass, affixed to a light grey-finished multi-layer double-laminated panel, boasts handle grip choices for flat and recessed designs. The innovation continues with digital printing on the back of tempered glass, allowing for personalized graphics that redefine the kitchen space.

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Vertigo transforms your space into a formal yet essential domain, where every detail—from glass finishes to creative decorations—reflects a commitment to design excellence. The option to incorporate client-provided images ensures a bespoke touch, making your Vertigo kitchen a unique expression of sophistication and style. Sustainability Aspect: Venus embraces sustainability with carcases made of CARB P2 chipboard panels, sourced from 100% recycled wood—the epitome of ecological responsibility. Coated with melamine resin-infused paper and synthetic material, the carcases, available in four ABS edged finishes, uphold a commitment to environmental consciousness. Venus not only offers timeless elegance but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.
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