Optimize Kitchen Space Efficiently

Our Larder and Midway Units redefine kitchen organization, utilizing every nook and cranny efficiently.

Larder Units

Tailored for efficiency, these units offer impeccably organized storage space for your food and provisions, ensuring every item has its designated spot.

Our corner units redefine the utilization of kitchen corners, making the most out of every inch of space. Whether it’s the innovative carousel corner unit with rotating railing shelves, a corner unit with fixed shelves, or pull-out rotating shelves, each design offers a secure abode for your pots, pans, and crockery. Functionality merges seamlessly with style, transforming your kitchen corners into elegant and efficient storage solutions.

Midway Units

Imagine a hook profile seamlessly holding your cooking spoons and ladles, or a magnetic strip within arm’s reach for your knives. Picture a convenient film, foil, or kitchen roll holder precisely where you need it. Our recess elements allow you to optimize every nook according to your needs, turning your kitchen into a marvel of space efficiency.

These versatile and flexible elements are designed to adapt to your requirements, making the most of your kitchen’s unique layout. Moreover, our recess systems can be equipped with separate lighting, illuminating your kitchen’s recesses with a warm glow.

passe|par|tout for middle and tall units

Passe|par|tout MIDDLE UNITS

The functional elements can be combined in a variety of ways and when hung from a wall or suspended in a kitchen niche prove real eye-catchers too.

If you like to keep your kitchen utensils ready to hand and always in view, this exclusive, highly flexible and easy to retrofit organization system is definitely for you.

Passe|par|tout TALL UNITS

When it comes to kitchen storage, tall units these days are indispensable miracle workers. Besides representing added value, they offer an entirely new level of flexibility into the bargain. Where we would previously have encountered uniform-looking intermediate shelves, we now find innovative adjustable shelves that place entirely new accents, for instance as an elegant walnut-framed glass shelf or a multi-functional wooden shelf insert with cut-out.

Practical functional elements, such as storage trays, wooden boxes/inserts or textile pockets, simply hook into the cut-outs.

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