Elevate Your Kitchen
with the Latest in Colors, Textures, and Shapes for 2024

Discover the Latest in Colors, Textures, and Shapes to Stay Ahead of the Curve

As we eagerly anticipate the dawn of 2024, interior designers are unravelling a tapestry of kitchen trends set to redefine and elevate custom spaces.
From innovative textures to chic metallic accents, let’s delve into the trends that are poised to dominate kitchen designs in the coming year.

Pared-Back Metallic Hardware

Bid farewell to the prominence of gold islands as 2024 embraces a more refined and exciting approach to kitchen metallics. Recessed handles and outlined cabinetry edges are set to redefine the kitchen aesthetic.

Our Interior Design team at Chiarabella, notes the trend of sleek, integrated pulls and the resurgence of vintage and antique styles for knobs and handles, signifying a return to timeless charm.

Color Blocking for Bold Statements

For those seeking to make a statement, experiment with bold color blocks in your kitchen. Our cabinets allow you to infuse your kitchen design with color and pattern for a unique and playful look. At Chiarabella, we understand that personalization goes beyond shapes and forms; it extends to the very color that defines your space. Our cabinets offer a vast selection of finishes, enabling you to explore various tones and textures. However, we don’t stop there—our commitment to bespoke design allows customers to submit custom color codes, ensuring your kitchen reflects your unique vision.

Colorful Pantries

Darker tones are taking center stage in kitchen pantries, offering a fresh look while cleverly concealing stains and dents.

Designer Diana Knipp, suggests using bold paint tones like ‘Teacup’ and ‘Pristine’ by Benjamin Moore for a whimsical pantry that seamlessly ties into your overall design palette.

Rounded Cabinetry
and Islands for a Convivial Vibe

As we bid farewell to the rigidity of sharp corners on kitchen islands, 2024 gracefully introduces the era of rounded edges. At Chiarabella, we take pride in embracing this design evolution with open arms, showcasing the Onda and Cambia collections by Rational—bespoke cabinets crafted in Italy that have pioneered the art of the round cabinet.

Homeowners are embracing these trend, seeking a design that echoes a slower, more mindful lifestyle—a home that mirrors their personalities and aligns with their desired way of life.

This shift reflects a desire for spaces that resonate with personal values, focusing on the home as a sanctuary—an intimate reflection of one’s individuality, curated for a lifestyle that celebrates the beauty of being present. At Chiarabella, we believe in embracing these evolving design trends, weaving them seamlessly into our bespoke offerings, creating spaces that breathe life into your personal narrative.